We recognise the significant role that you as Global Indians abroad play in Nation building, and your part in shaping the global perception of the people of India. Such genuine contributions command the respect and honour of the whole nation. We know first hand what an NRI is looking for in terms of service and quality. There are times when an NRI's look for assistance for accurate information and help to make a decision and to finalise the for accurate property choice. We deem it our duty to give you "Peace of Mind" while you are in Foreign Land, by taking care of your entire task here in INDIA.

Following NRI Services for those who would like to invest property in India.New

  1. Home/ Office meeting at your convenience at your place.
  2. Top notch property options.
  3. Personalised Real Estate Services.
  4. Safe online transactions and guidance.
  5. Exclusive promotional offers for NRI's.
  6. Hassle free and minimum documentation.
  7. Update of the property market developments in India through our professionals.

Checklist for NRI buyers before buying a home in India

  1. Who are termed as NRI's?
  2. Who are PIO and OCI? Can they buy a property in India?
  3. What type of property can an NRI not buy in India?
  4. How to fund the property purchase?
  5. What is adjudication of POA?
  6. How to repatriate the funds?
  7. Short Term Capital Gain (STCG) tax?
  8. Long term capital gains(LTCG) tax?
  9. Is income from rental income taxable in India as well as abroad?
  10. Is home loan available in India for NRI, PIO & OCI?
  11. What are the tax benefits in India on home loan?
  12. Can a POA sell/rent an NRI-s property in India?

NRI Guide: Repatriation of funds post realty sale in India

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. "Benjamin Franklin

Repatriation of the Principal Amount Invested while purchasing the property :

  1. Funds brought into India through banking channels.
  2. Property is purchased entirely with funds lying in NRO account in India.
  3. It's a combination of 1 and 2, i.e., some funds lying in NRO account and fresh foreign currency remitted from abroad or from balances existing in NRE/ FCNR accounts.

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